Shri Laxmi Ganesh Ji Metallic Idols Antique Gold Finish

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Shri Laxmi Ganesh Ji Metallic Idol Moorti Amazingly Beautiful meant to bring Financial Gains &
Peace among Family Members
Anyone looking for Financial Gains & Peace among Family Members well this is the ideal product for you.
The Moorti is in the form of Modern art very Beautiful
True Devotees of Laxmi Gaesh will just feel the 
vibrance and energy from the moorti. An Amazingly Modern Art Beautiful moorti.
A great product to have at Home & Office Shop or Car to attract positive energy & get rid of negativity
Their energy is energized & Channelized for well being and wealth. When 
we say Channelized & Enegized we actually mean every word of it. Ideal at Home or Office.
A must have in your home or Office. It is an excellent Product to keep at your
 Home or Office to protect from Nazar-Dosh & Attract Positive Energy. A very good product for 
every house-hold and Office. It brings gains related to money. A Great Product for people who are into
service sector or Business . A must have for all households & Offices, 
This is one product you will never regret
buying. One of our best selling products with great customer reviews. This Laxmi Ganesh Ji Moorti 
is very much in demand.