BIOAYURVEDA Anti-Bacterial Germ Defense Mouth Wash | Ayurvedic Oral Rinse with Neem, Mint, Turmeric Tea Tree oil | Natural Organic Mouthwash liquid for bad breath, plaque, cavities and gum 200 ml


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BIOAYURVEDA ANTI-BACTERIAL GERM DEFENSE MOUTH WASH containing Neem and Clove is an oral hygiene liquid for bad breath, tooth decay, bleeding, sore gums and oral infections. This Ayurvedic mouthwash liquid is a natural protection against oral infections, bacteria, airborne germs, allergens and toxins, controlling the spread and exacerbation of illness. Neem extract is most effectively used in preventing cavities and gum disease that reduces deposition of plaque, prevents caries, and enhances the immune response for overall oral health. Brushing cleanses only 25% of your mouth and germs are still left behind that may cause dental problems. The mouthwash rinse helps to clean the hard to reach areas of mouth by brush. It kills maximum germs and bacteria with powerful natural herbs like Basil, Turmeric, Clove, Tea tree Oil, Lemon, Mint, Ginger etc. that deeply penetrates to remove the bacteria. This mouthwash liquid is completely pure, alcohol-free and with zero synthetics and ideal for men.