My Freedom Medicated Sanitary Pads

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  • Made from A-Grade Materials. 85% cotton, 15% Silk Jelly & 0% plastic .
  • Cotton enables free air circulation and keep it cool and dry .
  • It has Medicated Anion Chip which gives following benefits:
  • Protects against the Bacteria for 24 hrs which avoids Gynecological diseases and problems.
  • Releases Negative Ions which gives freshness & Energy for whole day in long-run Anion chip Helps in Hormone Balancing which reduces the chances of diseases like Thyroid.
  • Controls bad odor.
  • It has 7 layers resulting in capacity to absorb liquid absorption of more than 200 ml. so only one pad for 24 hrs is enough & Size 290 MM. 
  • Liquid locking systems make one feel dry and cleanliness for entire day .
  • Long-term use of it will result in regular, stress free & painless periods.
  • It is 100% Bio-Friendly and Bio-Degradable. So it protects environment.