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Nirvana Mask is made using nanotechnology and keeps out 95% of particulate matter and contaminants, thereby offering the highest level of protection. Nano technology enables the filter to catch much smaller particles with a lower ‘pressure drop’ than other synthetic or natural materials, making the Nirvana Being Mask more breathable than any other mask in the market, driving comfort as we are forced to wear masks for extended periods of time.  With Nirvana Being Mask, we endeavour to offer perfect fit and comfort. The mask is reusable and washable.

'- Nanotechnology Filter: The first face mask in the world that uses nanotechnology filter to trap even the smallest airborne particles.
'- Anti-Viral Mask - Keeps out 96% of viruses and bacteria as well as >95% of particulate matter and contaminants.
'- Superb Fit: Two different sizes (medium and large) to provide each user with the perfect fit.
'- Globally Certified: Lab tested and globally certified by Nelson Labs, USA.
'- Low Breathing Resistance: Captures particles with a low pressure drop, making the Nirvana Mask extremely comfortable and breathable.
'- Washable and Reusable
'- Large size fits a person above 65 Kg